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About Us

About "Master Degree Program on Nano-IC Engineering"

       Semiconductor electronics and related nano-manufacturing technologies are essential to the rapidly developing semiconductor industry in Taiwan and are highly competitive around the world. Based on strong support by National Cheng Kung University and the leading semiconductor companies in Taiwan, the Ministry of Education has approved the multidisciplinary "Master Degree Program on Nano-IC Engineering", which is launched by the College of EECS.

       The program recruits top talents to join its faculty and admit creative and enthusiastic students to become future scientific and engineering leadership for the semiconductor industry, especially in nanoelectronics and nanofabrication sciences and technologies. The program is supported by faculties of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Sciences, and College of Engineering and sponsored by global leadership in the semiconductor industry including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, United Microelectronics, Inc., etc. Both NCKU faculty members and high-level engineers and R&D managers from sponsoring companies will jointly offer advanced courses and carry out advanced research projects.

      Semiconductor companies will offer the qualified students opportunities to apply for summer intership and scholarship. Some scholarship sponsored by relevant companies might be subjected to conditions set by each company. Please contact the program office or visit the program website for more information about scholarship, admissions, part-time research assistantship and faculty position opening.